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Natalie d'Arbeloff Illustrated by Jack Yates and NdA. 1967 Studio Vista U.K./Watson-Guptill U.S.A. Lib.Congress 68-10159
12.5 X18.7cm

A How-To-Do-It manual in the Studio Vista series. Editions also in Dutch and Swedish.

A much-needed and well-devised handbook which tells you exactly what you can do with collage, whether it be a hobby or a principal interest...a must for every school library, every public library and indeed every family...” (Queen Magazine)

*Out of print.

line, shape, volume, light
Natalie d'Arbeloff
1969 Studio Vista /Van Nostrand Reinhold
ISBN 9780289796153
14.5 X 25 cm

AN ARTIST'S WORKBOOK is personal... in the sense that it reflects the writer's own processes of thought and ... in that it seeks to stimulate the reader to discover his own problems and find his own solutions in a truly creative manner. If he then goes on to create his own 'workbook' he will surely, as Paul Klee puts it, 'add more spirit to the seen, but...also make secret visions visible.' This is one of the most rewarding art books to appear of late.... I recommend it most warmly.”
(Michael Moulder, Canvas Magazine)

*Out of print but can easily be ordered from secondhand book dealers.

Natalie d'Arbeloff
Photographs by Ted Sebley
1973 Batsford U.K./ Watson-Guptill U.S.A.
ISBN 0-7134- 2300- 5
20 X 20.8 cm

“Natalie d'Arbeloff is one of the special teachers and her earlier ARTIST'S WORKBOOK revealed an inspired and original talent. In her new book she provokes and stimulates .... once again producing a personal and original book but one which is very relevant to the changing view of the real purpose of art teaching.”
 (Michael Grater, Teachers World)

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