1988. 25 X 27cm (closed).

Edition of 5 similar but not identical copies.

The Latin text of the Lord's Prayer is blind-embossed from collagraph plates onto Fabriano Satinata previously coloured with inks and acrylics. The square pages increase in size forming a stairway when pulled out. The words are repeated on the edges of each step in letters rubbed from a lino block. The book is concertina-bound by NdA in boards covered with cotton fabric painted in acrylics with embellishments in felt and embroidery. A wrapper made of paper mounted on cotton is painted with acrylics. Edges of wrapper are stitched and tied with coloured cords. The whole is inserted in a muslin pouch through which the wrapper is visble.

Houghton Library, Harvard.
Library of Congress, Wash. D.C.
Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum, The Hague.

pater noster open

Pater Noster wrapped

Outer (left)and inner (right) sides of the wrapper.

paternoster-inside wrapper

pater noster inside view