October 27, 2012


Yes, a printed paper one that you can put in your pocket and read on the train or in the bath and you can order it right now at this link where there is a full preview. The book is 68 pages, 5" x 8", colour cover, black and white content with 13 illustrations. I decided to convert my original colour images to greyscale to make it less expensive, both to manufacture and to sell.

Also available to order from Amazon UK at this link.

The economics are as follows : I'm selling the softcover book for £6.00 or hardback for £14.50 (plus postage). Blurb charges me £13.50 per copy for hardback and £3.50 per copy for B/W softback so I'll make only a tiny profit but I want to sell millions - oh, allright, dozens. So please put the book on your Christmas list and tell everybody about it: can it do that thing they call going viral? Remember you read the story here first.

cover La Vie en Rosé

Although I love Blurb and they've been very helpful and I will use them again, I must admit that their Booksmart software is hair-tearingly infuriating to work with and I'm not a beginner in that sort of thing. But let's leave niggling aside and focus on the joy of accomplishment.

As a life-long procrastinator, I can go for months avoiding and displacing and distracting but when I finally get down to something I've been putting off, it's full blast, staying up all night for days, eating dinner at midnight and breakfast at 4 pm, staggering around bleary and dishevelled until the damn thing is finished. That's what I've done and all I need now is approval, hugs, and lots of sales.

And next week I will know the result of something else which I have not spoken of but have been busy with.

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October 17, 2012


Have a look at this !

Kentish Town is my neighbourhood and The Kentishtowner, a very useful local online daily newspaper, sent me a questionnaire, which I answered. They also asked for my photo, which I sent, but I didn't know they would also choose some images from my site. I'm really chuffed to be featured in their series, Ich Bin Kentishtowner.

This all came about through the auspices of my neighbour and new friend, the very good writer Alison Chandler , who organised the editing and publishing of a little printed magazine for the day of our street party last month. She sent two budding journalists: Ellie, thirteen, and Alice, eleven, to interview me for that publication and they did a fine job. The editors of The Kentishtowner (a completely different publication) came to the street party and later contacted Alison to ask if I'd answer their quiz. Of course I did. Many thanks to all concerned.

October 12, 2012


Some of my Welsh sketches needed more work. Here are a couple of revised ones.

View from cottage

Cloudy day, Crickhowell

Still can't find a comments service that works over here. I'll keep trying.

October 9, 2012


At the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth the exhibition of accordion books is over but it will move on next year to a few other venues, dates not yet finalised.

I had a surprise gift from a close relative, who does not wish to be named or praised, but at least I can share with you a photo of this delightful creation which will forever remind me of the event.

If you haven't yet seen My Life Unfolds all its pages are here .

Cut-out National Library Exhibition

I think I've managed to install the new comments thingy so please please try it out! Not sure I've got it right yet but in any case, all the comments that were there before are gone. I've imported some in another format but to put them all back in order at the proper dates would take a huge amount of time. Is anyone else having this problem?

October 6, 2012


I've been wholly taken up with finishing something which has to be delivered early next week (more on this when I've heard results) so the Blaug has been neglected, again. And comments have vanished since the commenting service Haloscan/JSKit ceased to operate from 1st October.

Now I have to figure out how to set up the Disqus comments service but until I do, please leave some words over at my Blogger mirror-blog, just so I know I still have a few cyber-friends!

Herewith a few more sketches of Wales on cloudier days.

Crickhowell across the bridge

Llangatttock, Owens Row

Bridge over the Usk, Crickhowell