March 28, 2005


small version. P.11 gnovel


I said I wasn't going to post any more pages of the gnovel but I couldn't resist adding a couple more. If you go here and scroll down to the bottom you'll see larger versions of this and another one. I sent off some sample pages of the gnovel to a publisher and I would like everybody who comes here to concentrate and send some irresistible vibrations so that I will get a positive response. I also included all the God interviews plus the Kinds of Thoughts. So come on, focus with all your might and get those antennae buzzing.

Sorry I missed wishing a happy Easter to all those who celebrate it and a happy changing of the clocks to those who don't and a happy spring time to everyone everywhere all the time. For your springtime delectation here is an absolutely brilliant site: Strindberg and helium.

And if you feel like painting but don't want to get the paints out, try this (you could be there for the next few hours). Thanks to Joel for this link.



March 25, 2005


It's taken me some time to figure out the set-up procedure but Salon Nathalie, our online shop window, is now open for business. They (photobox) take care of everything, printing high quality photographic reproductions of our images (you choose the dimensions from our options) and dispatching them to you. At this moment I've only uploaded one four pictures, including the exotic lady, and I'll be adding more soon. If you click on the little magnifying glass under each thumbnail of my album, you can see the image in huge detail.

... ... ...

Shock/horror/hurray you can even order pics to be put on mugs, T-shirts (no, not God), greeting cards, cushions, something called a "love-bag" and more. Let me know your crass, vulgar desires and/or high-minded aesthetic ones and I may consider fulfilling them.


21 March, 2005


An Eastern lady.This exotic lady just emerged out of nowhere (or maybe ancient Egypt or India or Persia?) via late-night digital exploration in Illustrator. I'm thinking of producing more improvisations to offer for sale as digital prints through this site that Vitriolica told me about, where she is successfully displaying her sparkling, dynamic creations. Quality is high and prices are low. If people are interested I'll set up my own shop window there and I'll even consider suggestions for subject matter. How about it?







20 March, 2005


Spring is here.

Yesterday was going to be a StopTheWar marching and mingling day for me, camera and sketchbook ready to join the throngs at Hyde Park Corner at noon. But I got up late and by the time I'd had breakfast, turned off the radiators, opened the windows, looked for non wintry clothes and observed that the sparkly Spring light brings out all the worst aspects of one's facial features, the throngs were probably making their way home. Still, I thought I'd at least catch the last of the mood and the speeches at Trafalgar Square so I got on a bus. As I walked down Charing Cross Road I felt a bit peckish so I popped into Borders bookshop for a snack. Upstairs in the cafe, on the table at which I sat was a book, Ian McEwan's Enduring Love, and as I drank my capuccino and ate my sandwich I began to read. The opening pages have been described as unputdownable and indeed I was still there about two hours later, the book nearly finished. Since it was now too late even to pretend I was going to the demonstration I went up to the music section and put on the headphones, listening to this and to that, finally deciding to buy an Argentine Tango compilation - I can't resist that tum tum tum tum tadada tum tum tum beat, forcing you to dance on the spot. Then I went home. Spring leads you into distraction.


March 15, 2005

GOD IS BACK (Interview No.11)

All the interviews with God are now re-organised, easier to read since there's only one per page. I've also coloured the first three which were formerly black and white.


March 9, 2005


Small version of my papyrus.

I can't read the hieroglyphs but the figures are Akhenaten with his wife Nefertiti and three of their daughters. Of course it's not the real thing but a nicely painted copy on real papyrus by A. Faraq, whoever he or she is, may Allah's blessings be upon them. I did not intend to own this or any of the other Ancient Egypt artefictions produced by the millions for the tourist industry. I was on a tight budget and the only souvenirs I bought were a couple of ancient Egyptian fridge magnets, one small plaster cast and some postcards. And a few stones I picked up on the ground of Hatshepsut and the other temples I visited, in case they would whisper ancient secrets to me when I hold them (not a peep so far but you never know). Anyway, about this papyrus....Read the rest of the story

The LUXOR TRAVELOGUE move is now completed. Please go and see even if you've already been on the journey with me. I've added some new stuff.



March 6, 2005


I've started transferring the Luxor photos and narration here. It's one of those jobs you think you'll finish in an hour but turns out to take a week. The thumbnail page is set up and also the Hatshepsut , Karnak, Luxor Temple, Ramesseum and the horseback ride pages.


Of possible interest to bloggers everywhere:

The Central St. Martins College of Art & Design here in London is offering in its Summer School prospectus a course in...wait for it...blogging!

The course is called Everybody's Blogging! It lasts four days and costs £480.

Yes, that's four hundred and eighty quid. To tell you in four days what you can find out for free in about four minutes. Or four hours if you include surfing a few blogs.

Should we be organising ourselves into a teaching faculty, charging piles of cash to show the ignorant (wealthy) masses how to blog?






March 3, 2005


This page has now moved here, with added photos and text on the Ramesseum and Valley of the Queens.