June 26, 2007


Everybody's talkin' at me  'bout me
I don't hear a I hear EVERY word they're sayin'
NOT only the echoes of my mind
I won't let you leeeeee...eave
My love behind

Apologies to "Everybody's Talkin" by Fred Neil. Sung by Harry Nilsson on sound track of "Midnight Cowboy."

Just when I thought The God Interviews book was going off the radar, suddenly there's a buzz buzz buzzing going round and it's making me extremely delighted.

A delightful review by Jamieson Wolf at the Book Pedler .

Debi Alper delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Kim of Reading Matters  delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Paul Gravett delightfully mentions my presentation at Apple Mac (it's this Friday)

Mark Vernon has delightfully posted (18 June) my Richard Dawkins & God comic strip on his blog.

Stefan Bucher has delightfully posted my Serendopterus Ironicus monster on his site.

Win Wiacek of Comics Creators Guild is about to post has posted a review of God Interviews. It's there now!  Look under Swamp Thing, on June 26th.

Delightful is a very good word to repeat when you don't want to pile on the superlative adjectives but still need to express your gratitude for bountiful attention. I am truly grateful, no joking, this is from the heart.

I still haven't had a chance to write about (but I will) a delightful meeting on Saturday with Tamar  and Andy and Jean this too (see her report, she's captured it).

And I haven't had time to blog about another amazing event, the first performance of John Tavener's Beautiful Names which I attended last Tuesday at Westminster Cathedral. But I will.

Now back to work on that presentation. It's this Friday.

UPDATE: And the event has just appeared on the great new site London Lit Plus. Thanks to the delightful, famous and very good author Debi Alper for this excellent link. And I'm not just saying this because I'm grateful.


June 19, 2007


Mircea Marosin in 1990

Once you told me that the years
You spent in solitary confinement
When the Russians took your country
And put you in prison for your thoughts
Were the happiest of your life. Do I remember
Your words rightly, Mircea my friend?
I remember your laugh most of all.
Was it in the silent darkness that your laugh
Was born? Nobody laughed like you.
Every conversation got the gift
The punctuation, the conclusion
The grown-up version of child's unbroken joy
Raucous lifeloving spring bubbling
Out of harsh desert
Filtered through burning rocks
The wisdom of your laughter.
Yesterday I heard that you were gone, my friend.

Rest in peace Mircea Marosin, Romanian theatre director, designer, painter, writer, philosopher, linguist. Born in Bucharest 1921, died in Cambridge, UK, June 2007. I met him in the 1980s when he came to the printmaking classes I was teaching at the City Lit in London. He wanted to learn etching in order to produce a limited edition of prints from drawings he had done based on Ovid's Metamorphoses. He was too impatient to become an etcher and didn't like all the cleaning up involved but we became firm friends. I can hear him laughing now.


June 13, 2007


Chris Ritke of the sparkly 49sparks pointed me to this site where illustrator Stefan Bucher creates a daily monster and urges all his visitors to do likewise, beginning with a spidery ink blot which you download then elaborate in whatever medium you choose. You email the finished thing back to him and he displays it on his site. Best of all are the animated sequences of Stefan drawing his monsters. Of course I couldn't resist yet another distraction so here's the monster I made and posted to him tonight.  Can't I do anything that isn't autobiographical?

Natalie's Serendopterus Ironicus


June 11, 2007


This month is going too fast. In an attempt to slow it down and stretch it out I wasted some more time today and here's the result. Well it's still autobiography innit? I've always loved this song. It's sad in an ecstatically happy way.

It's also on my YouTube page and my Other Blog if  for some reason you can't see it here.

If you click on the tiny pics at the bottom of the screen after my video finishes, you can see Chingon performing the whole number.


June 6, 2007


Haven't had time to update the autobio because I'm preparing a presentation to which any of you who are in London on June 29th from 7-8pm are invited. Come and ask questions, heckle, applaud or just say hello. Anyway if you haven't been to the gorgeous Apple Mac store in Regent Street, just off Oxford Street, you have a treat in store.

Apple Store Regent Street programme