June 30, 2003 8:19 PM

Planning a graphic novel Natalie reappears



June 29, 2003 9:43 PM

Augustine is free at last!



June 29, 2003 1:57 AM

Chuffed to see that I've been blogged in quite a few places: red carpet treatment at Cassandra's, appearances on Mysterium, the Cartoonist , Giornale Nuovo, Fat Shadow, Plep, iconomy (with that scene of me and Bird in the bath!) person links to another and another, new friends are made and previously unexplored blog countries suddenly become home. There may not be any new continents to discover on earth but Planet Blog is still largely uncharted territory. Not outer space but Inner Space, islands hand-built (well, computer-built) by modern Robinson Crusoes.

You think this blog is all about me? Being a figment of a figment is a unique state of mind which allows the figment to be simultaneously aware of figdom whilst experiencing the infinite impersonality of the cosmos, eternally linked to the banality and tragedy of the everyday. In other words: moi, self-centered?

Something suddenly hit me: I am a cartoon so why am I hiding behind all these words? I have fallen into a trap...Natalie's trap...designed to keep me out of sight, out of action. Time to break away. I'm climbing out of the basket, just you wait and see.



June 27, 2003 5:42 PM

We took these photos at the antiquarian market on the Place St.Sulpice in Paris recently. My Latin is a rusty antique but I think the sign: Nunc non habemus papam  We have no junk

means We never have junk (an apt motto for this blog and life in general).

Update, July 29: I was totally wrong. What it actually says is: "Now we have no Pope."

The trapped doll reminds me of me of course, kept in a basket by my Owner while she gallivants the highways and byways of the world, munching crunchy baguettes, quaffing red wine and talking of Michelangelo, the bottom of her trousers rolled.

Broken doll in basketAugustine in basket

Doll tried to escape but lost some of her head in the attempt. An omen?


June 24, 2003 7:53 PM

The creator of the wonderful Cartoon Stories for Thoughtful People, Lawrence San , writes me today, commenting, among other matters, on a line I posted here on May 8th:

" N....says I'm digressing and that I should have a plan, a purpose for this blog..."

San says:"A plan...or perhaps, as Groucho said, 'a code and two pairs of plans...' Or a plan for life. What about Life? Doesn't that take precedence over a blog? Come up with a plan for life first, then worry about the blog".

How right you both are, Groucho and San! Here I am living inside this blog when I should be free to live life in the real (?) world, also known as the Fast Lane. Trouble is, GrouchoSan, my creator won't allow it. My creator keeps me in the slow lane for reasons best known to herself. Let's get this straight: I'm not talking creator as in Creator - the Big Daddy or Mommy up there, or wherever it is no Ups or Downs or Sideways exist. I only mean my little terrestrial maker, the one whose name starts with N, that egoconstrictor - it just came to me: boa constrictor, ego constrictor!.

Natalie boaconstrictor

As I said in the beginning (go on, slide down the bannister to the bottom of this page) N believes she invented me but the truth is I invented her.

You, dear Reader, staring at these words on your screen, have no way of knowing if you are or are not a figment of someone's imagination. Perhaps mine? Did Walt Disney invent Mickey Mouse or was Disney Mickey's invention? Well, look at the evidence: Walt would have been nobody without Mickey & Co. Did J.K. Rowling invent Harry Potter or vice versa? You've got to admit it's versa when you see what happened to J.K. as a result of H.P. She'd still be Ms Anonymous if he hadn't turned up and rewritten her life.

So all I'm saying is give us a chance. So-called creators, set your so-called creations free. Admit that you're less important than you think you are. We are perfectly able to take over and we may want to live different lives than the ones you impose on us. Maybe Harry Potter doesn't believe in magic. Maybe he just wants to sit at his computer, blogging.



June 21, 2003 1:23 AM




June 14, 2003 1:33 AM

Back from Paname, Paris, my birthplace - N's birthplace, which I suppose more or less makes it mine too. I love Paris but nearly always come back exhausted. This time maybe it's because we decided to give Eurostar a miss and go by EasyJet instead. Bad idea, big mistake. Not EasyJet's fault - their no-frills flight is incredibly cheap and a painless 55 minutes from Luton airport to Charles De Gaulle. What is backbreaking infuriating exasperating is the trip to and from these airports, burdened by your luggage - always too heavy, wheels or no wheels - forced to lug it up and down sadistically high flights of stairs and interminable concourses before you can catch the train or bus or shuttle to the airports and then out of the airports to your destination in Paris or back in London. No, never again - it'll be EuroStar next time. But I digress from more important matters - part two of The Interview coming up as soon as I recover.