January 20, 2013


Snowy back garden from my window

Brilliant artist, Snow. Eliminates the non-essential and reveals the geometry we usually don't notice. Brings out the chiaroscuro in everything. Transforms the ordinary into the magnificent. Then it wipes it all out and turns the masterpiece into slush. Artists! We're such a temperamental lot.

Sorry I've been so uncommunicative. My plans to be a more frequent blogger have been overtaken by a marvellous new project to which I am committed but don't want to talk about until it has been confirmed. Meanwhile I will post snippets of this and that and hope my few readers will not give up on me. One resolution I intend to keep is to finish my autobiography this year...or as finished as it can ever be, since I'm still alive. So keep watching this space.

The new comments system appears to work only on the current month's main Blaugustine page. So if you want to comment on any earlier posts in my archive, you have to go to my Mirror Blog and comment there under the relevant date. Sorry for the hassle!

January 9 2013


Happy 2013

Does that fact ever strike you suddenly as you're walking down the street or looking out of the window or doing something normal like washing the dishes? Isn't it the most astonishing fact of all facts ever? So why aren't we in a permanent state of goggle-eyed jaw-dropped astonishment? Is it because we can't actually picture it or feel the reality of it? Imagine it for a few minutes.