24 February 2014


things that go wrong often come in clusters, for no fathomable reason. That's how it was last week and how this week is starting. At least four important areas in my life went bang, slapped me in the face, knocked me down and didn't help me back up. I won't go into detail in case that makes it worse. I thought that just mentioning it here might magically remove the jinx. What magical symbol could I insert to make it work?

Ladybug for luck

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20 February 2014


I should have explained: that 2008 video was my attempt at comic self-analysis, a kind of psychodrama-lite. If it left you bored or annoyed, this might be because it was boring and annoying. But if I add a footnote, at least what I was on about will be clearer.

The four characters I amateurishly act - Chico (Spanish), Samyra (Egyptian), Madame la Gueule (French) and Happy Hank (American) - are aspects of my personality that I felt needed making fun of, in the interests of improving my Know Thyself credentials and giving my ego a bit of a kick up the proverbial ass. Humour is very important to me, I believe in humour. Sometimes it can take you straight to an AHA moment of discovery, by-passing many long and arduous other roads. That's how it works for me but I'm willing to make a fool of myself in the process.

I heartily recommend this process and suggest you try it at home. Just for fun, or in case you are a puzzle to yourself or to any of your nearest and dearest. Dress up in the appropriate gear, put appropriate make-up on, turn the video camera on and act....act yourself, but in your various guises/disguises. You might be amazed at what you uncover.

You're not going to do it? I thought not. But does my video make sense now?

Chico Samyra Madame LaGueule Happy Hank

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18 February 2014


Looks like I can do things on this page again but I have to get used to an entirely new way of doing them, breaking old familiar habits. Not a bad thing. Testing the system, I went looking for past videos and found this on YouTube from 2008, when I didn't mind taking the mickey. If you haven't seen it before and have nothing important to do for the next seven minutes and forty-nine seconds, watch this. I was perfectly sober, I swear. Please be indulgent.

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16 February 2014


Don't ask me to explain, it's too complicated and too boring, but I think...not absolutely sure...that this website is back on line. If you've been visiting me over at my Mirror Blog you can continue to do so and you'll know why I haven't updated this page since 20th December. This is just a test so I'm now going to try putting it online.

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