Back in Vermont in the warmth of family and summer. My mother makes quiche Lorraine and apple pie and cheese soufflé and borscht. My father discusses his Brazilian project and his philosophy. My little brother, lonely and shy, finds a friend and mentor in Reg. My husband is getting on well with each individual in my family and they with him. I am looking good and feeling excited about the future.

Family lunch, Putney, Vermont.
Señora Natalie, Putney.

Sometimes I think the reason I always wanted to be an artist is because it is a wonderful way to remain a child. If you're absorbed in drawing and painting and making things, you can be in the middle of whatever the adults are doing without actually having to participate. You can stay on the sidelines, watch and listen and observe, or you can be lost in your own world - either way, you're allowed to be like that because you're a child. Or an Artist. And if you become a Famous Artist, then the whole world gives you carte blanche to be a child forever.

I don't know if I'm a serious artist because I play around too much - I flirt with styles and concepts and techniques, can't seem to stay faithful to any one of them. Which is what you're expected to do when you grow up. Like Picasso, I have my "Periods" in art but whereas each of his lasted long enough to produce a substantial number of works, mine might last a week, a day, or even a few hours. The Bird of Paradise below is one of only three or four paintings constituting my String Period, begun and ended in Putney, Vermont.

While Reg is in Brazil for about a month to investigate the Mato Grosso project and see whether it can be our next temporary move , I draw and paint and flit from one style, one idea to another in short bursts of enthusiasm. And I pack all my worldly goods in trunks which will be shipped ahead of us

Bird of Paradise, string painting.
Parents on the sofa.

"Bird of Paradise". NdA. String & oil on paper on board............ .................."Mom & Pop On Sofa". NdA. Felt pen drawing

Connecticut River, oil painting.
"Connecticut River, Putney, Vermont". NdA. Oil on canvas.

                         "Red Still Life, Vermont". NdA. Oil on board.


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