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Could not put it down 30 August, 2001 Reviewer: Mike Pedretti from Yardley, PA, USA

I picked up THE JOY OF LETTING WOMEN DOWN after a fourteen-hour day of exhaustive vacationing and could not put it down until the last laugh on the last page. We all know a good cartoonist not only puts us in stitches but also provides insights into our behavior on par with the best philosophers. Natalie d'Arbeloff's cartoons and ironic comments about women and men are the funniest I have read in a decade. "Do you still cling to that old myth about the male of the species being randier than the female? If so wake up to the truth: Women are not only randier than men but female lust, when directed at a WM (Worshipped Man) is far more intense and long- lasting than the male's." Want to know how to be a worshipped male with randy women waiting in line? Want to avoid such men? This tongue-in-cheek, devastatingly wicked and accurate manual on how to develop worshipable sex appeal, will provide every male (even the most machismo-deficient) with new insights on how to attract women who love to worship men. And it just might help women avoid the type before it is too late. This is must reading for any male longing to be worshipped... By giving away the secret techniques of the Worshipped Male, d'Arbeloff provides the necessary tools for any woman (or man) to avoid falling under his spell. "Womanizer, philanderer, adulterer, libertine, rake, roué, lecher, bed-hopper, fornicator, profligate, lady killer. According to rumour, the above are a dying species if not actually extinct. No self-respecting woman wants to be seen dead with one of these dinosaurs of a by-gone phallocentric ages". Really? So why is the Womanizer never short of willing women? Why does the Adulterer make whoopee with adulteresses, the Philander with the Philanderines and the Rake with rakettes?

A deeply shocking exposé 14 February, 2001 Reviewer: WM, a reader from UK

How is magic supposed to operate if people insist in trying to hold a candle to it? So much for our trade and mystery. Would that we were free from the tyranny of those who are in thrall to us!

A fun and insightful read 10 February, 2001 Reviewer: A reader from California

I liked this book not only because it made me laugh, but because it encouraged me to reexamine some of my ideas about men and women, about sexual stereotypes, and why smart women often end up with the wrong men. The wiles and ways of the worshipable male are described in prose both witty and engaging, but Ms d'Arbeloff completely wins me over with some of the most delightful and ballsy cartoons i've seen in a long time. Definitely a fun read with a bit more of an edge.

Devastatingly insightful, accurate and funny 25 January, 2001 Reviewer: A reader from London, UK

A rather misleading cover makes this book appear to be on the same level as the innumerable joke-books littering the humour shelves. In fact, it is in a class of its own - a sophisticated, hard-hitting, tongue-in-cheek analysis of the male species 'Womaniser' or as the author prefers to call him 'Worshipped Male'. Written as a mock self-help manual for such a man, it reveals all his closely guarded secrets - the tricks and techniques by which he keeps the women addicted to him. Every page is illustrated with subtle cartoons (also by Natalie d'Arbeloff) creating a character that is both appealing and pathetic. There is more psychological truth in this small, compact book than in many heavy tomes dealing with the subject of why women fall for the 'wrong man', what kind of man this 'wrong man' is, and why he is so appealing in spite of his unreliability and infidelity. Every woman who is or has ever been involved with him should read this book, as well as every man who is a Worshipped Male, or wishes he were!