1992. Set of six one-of-a-kind book-objects.

Book 1: Absolute Egoism Altered hardback book, pages glued together, windows cut out, mirrorboard inserted. Pages streaked in red and black. Cracked round mirror set into the cover. Handwritten words.
23 x 15.5 cm
Book 2: Absolute Cruelty Roughly cut wooden covers stitched with cords holding jagged metal pages and oil-cloth. Words scratched and painted.
21 x 16.5 cm
Book 3: Absolute Hatred Altered hardback book. Pages cut and ripped out, red and black enamel dripped on. Photocopy of anatomical skeleton pasted to cover, window cut out of abdomen, tiny book dipped in red ink inserted.
25 x 19 cm
Book 4: Absolute Greed Bulging transparent polythene sleeves, each filled to the brim with found objects, clippings from magazines and mail-order catalogues arranged in groups: sex, food, cars, houses/rooms, gadgets, jewellry, clothes, money.
20 x 14 cm
Book 5: Absolute Mistrust Altered hardback book with eyes cut out of front and back covers revealing iron bars painted on endpapers. Inner pages glued together forming two thick sections taped at the edges. Another pair of eyes cut out of inner pages. Book tied with red cords.
21 x 15.5 cm
Book 6: Absolute Deceit Commercial gift-box covered in flower-printed plastic with a pink bow and ribbon added. Ornate title painted on cover and spine. The box contains only dust.
18.5 x 13 x 4 cm
3 Absolute best-sellers

Absolute Mistrust

Absolute Cruelty

Absolute Deceit, open

Absolute Deceit

Absolute Greed, open      Absolute Cruelty, open

Absolute Greed open                                                                                                                                                                                             Absolute Cruelty open