MINIMOVIES AND SOUNDS  © Copyright Natalie d'Arbeloff 2006

These and several more can be viewed on Vimeo  and also on YouTube

Blaugustine's 6th Birthday  April 27, 2009

Autobio21 (refers to Page 21 of the Autobiography-in-progress)

My Alphabet  2008

A Day at the Seaside  March 3, 2008  

Getting Rid of Six Demons   February 6, 2008 

Trapped in Multiple Personalities   January 9, 2008  

Sonata for Apples and Chairs  December 11, 2007 

The Way I Look Tonight  2007 

Malaguena Salerosa June 11, 2007 

Cucurrucucu Paloma My version with backing improvised in Garage Band.

Josephine Baker sings  J'Ai Deux Amours. (refers to Blaugustine post of August 15, 2006)

VIEW FROM ABOVE Tate Modern July 18, 2006

RUNAWAY 2006   Collage of several minifilms, accompanied by Del Shannon's "Runaway"

That's Me Today May 25 2006